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Unique View of the World's Spiritual Growth
The World is growing spiritually, and this Ascension process is happening to all inhabitants, whether they know it or not. We provide a unique view of progress by determining a parameter called Consciousness Level for the World. As a result, our numerical results show how humanity feels and acts on this entire planet and other specific smaller regions. Understanding such values can aid in further growth by showing where to focus support efforts.

Consciousness Level of the World

We measure the Consciousness Level of the World, Continents, Countries, States, Counties, Cities, Towns, and other collective groups. To explain how, we should define who we are, what awareness and consciousness are, before describing how. We provide this information to assist in the Ascension of humanity and the World, also known lovingly by many as Gaia and other names. News and updates are available on our News or Blog posts

The Human Body

The human body is a marvel of complex biochemical and biomechanical creation with its own supercomputer and built-in programming. Additional program inputs are created every day by living, family and interaction with other humans.  Emotions are the cornerstone of life here and unpleasant ones get programmed into the subconscious sometimes without knowledge. The body’s senses are programmed into the conscious mind as memories. Humans think they are the sum of memories, historical actions, and feelings. Our senses are updated every eleven seconds and every experience is moderated by this human ‘refresh rate’. You are not just your body with all its senses, so let us define awareness.


Awareness is not distinctly human and is often used to define ‘Aliveness’. Think of all those reports of near-death experiences where a person in hospital or on the operating theatre looks down at their own body from above. Therefore, this shows awareness is independent of the body and senses. It is the part of our whole being that is embedded in the body. Consequently, we think we are our bodies, but you are not, you are much more. This awareness is provided by not just body senses but is part of our spiritual being or soul and so independent of our body.


Consciousness is the part of you that is aware and as we have seen, not part of our body and is more than just your awareness. This is like the tip of an iceberg, which has much more below water, or in this case inside, outside, and all around each of us. We become increasingly aware of how much we really are as consciousness increases.

Our Frequency

We all output frequencies, thoughts, emotions, ideas, actions and even words all have separate frequencies. Our bodies output frequencies all around us. These are not easily detectable by current technology; however, we all feel them. As an example, we feel them internally and know whether someone else is right or wrong for us. Energetic links between us happen every day, we know they exist, yet cannot see them. How we assess them is next.

Frequency Assessment

It is possible to assess these frequencies and interpret them as the Consciousness Level. We can be individual consciousness levels and many for many together as an average, for example, the Consciousness Level of the World that includes everyone, everywhere. We can also do this for smaller groups such as regions, continents, countries, states, cities, towns, and other collectives. Collectives are a combination of all and are so named since the frequencies appear to be and indeed act as one.

Reading the Consciousness Levels

How this is done may be a stretch to believe for many of you, however if you are on a spiritual path, it should ring true for you. Quite simply we have developed this method with a collective of non-physical beings that are able to interpret frequencies as the consciousness level scale reported here throughout this site. There are nine individual beings, all different, but they act as one and provide the information requested. The World Consciousness Levels given here are just a small part of the information they provide.

Values below were last updated on April 20, 2023

Number of Awakened individuals >=650 is 35.302 million

Current World Consciousness Level

Number People WW at 1199

Number People WW greater or equal 850 (Millions)


Percentage more than 500 less than 850


Percentage less than 500 more than 200


Percentage less than 200

More on Collective Consciousness Level

The collective consciousness of the World or other sub-collective is a representation, an average of numerically determined frequencies of everyone. This average represents the feelings and actions of everyone combined.

This number is increasing in the long term, but with some fluctuations.

Everything alive has a basic awareness, but animals, both land and water based typically have much more awareness of themselves and their environment.  Humans can choose to be aware of much more than just these basic things and so understand more of who and what they really are.

Since everyone has frequency outputs, looking from the big picture, the frequencies of everyone in some defined collective group, for example a city, or country, can be interpreted as one value that represents how that country feels about their lives.

By expanding consciousness, a collective will become more aware of its true nature and realize that everyone is connected at a higher level and actions affect everyone. Since everyone has a soul, all are equal, whether they are making choices that others do not like or approve of. If a country or collective (or individual) judges another, its consciousness level with be low.

Consciousness is increased only if there is no local judgment or impairment of rights. Everyone is equal and has free will.

Consciousness level has a maximum value on Earth of 1199 for humans, both individuals and collectives. For an individual a value of 650 represents being ‘Awakened’ and 850, the point of Unity Consciousness, which is realizing the truth of being. This is the start of Ascension. For the World and other collectives, the highest consciousness humans have such an impact on their surroundings that the overall value is beneficially elevated. 

Source of the Consciousness Level Scale

The original Consciousness Level was first detailed by the late David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., in his book: The Map of Consciousness Explained, and other books. He based his scale on a maximum level of 1000.

This work here was inspired by and based initially on Dr. Hawkins’s work. We know now that the maximum level has increased to 1200, owing to the frequency rise of Earth (Gaia) from her continuing Ascension. This parameter is the base that is used for Worldwide and other collective measurements and mostly has values within the range of 20 to 1199. If your personal, or the World, or any other collective has a Consciousness Level, (that has a range of 20 to 1199), is 850 or more, then access to the 5th Density (Dimension) is available.

A value of 850 is the Ascension starting point. This ascension threshold is just the beginning of really understanding who you are.

What does the Consciousness Scale Represent?

Consciousness level is linked to your physical being on Earth. If you are in survival mode, fearing for your or your family’s life, you are completely in the physical 3D, will have a low consciousness level of, approximately fifty. If you are physically safe but struggling for food and / or to find shelter, then it will be approximately one hundred.

The scale from 0 to 1200 is a representation of the wide scale of Fear to Love. You could be having a normal healthy successful life, and your consciousness level is low because of traumatic events that happened as a child; these may be hidden inside your subconscious mind, but to progress on the Ascension Path, must be cleared. A traumatic event or health crisis later in life usually increases your consciousness level.

Throughout this site, the consciousness Level of the population, currently about 8 billion, is channelized into ranges, mostly percentages, but numeric values are given for those already on the ascension path at 850 and higher and those with the maximum value of 1199. These individuals are truly on the path of unity and love and much more, however, to be here is just the start of what is possible, as there are many other aspects to consider.

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