Consciousness measurements, our unique view of spiritual progress

We measure and report our unique view of human consciousness for everyone in the World as one and can measure consciousness levels for progressively smaller collectives, such as continents, countries, states, cities and even individuals.

We report on our unique measurements of consciousness

Humans and all other living beings emit a myriad of frequencies that represent consciousness. We at can interpret these frequencies numerically. This number represents the feelings and actions of humanity. It also represents hope for the future, for as the Consciousness Level increases so does the hope for the future. We can measure these changes and update and report our numeric view of consciousness levels.

Meaning of Consciousness Levels

Many know that to be ‘Awakened’ you must increase your consciousness. So, what does this mean, to increase your consciousness? Simply put, as you increase your frequency, you become more aware of your true nature as a human, and your frequency rises. There are many spiritual workers that report myriad ways to increase your consciouness. We don’t plan to report all this here. On our Consciousness Level scale, being Awakened is defined as having starting values of 650 or higher. ‘The Ascension Path” is similar and the threshold for this is 850 or higher and then you have ‘Ascended’, but this just means that you have reached a certain frequency. There is always more to learn and grow and increase your frequency from.

Awareness changes from increasing consciousness

You as an individual cannot have a value of 650 or more without knowing that we are all connected and what you do to someone else, you do to yourself. As a collective that contains an entire range of values for Consciousness, the average value is quite stable and slowly increases or decreases according to the feelings and actions of everyone. As you increase your consciousness level to 850 and are ‘Ascended’, then you will have more awareness of your true self and have access to your higher self, guides and be living a contented life still with a drive to grow more. There are more benefits, more are not explained here. For more details on the meanings of consciousness levels go here for low values, here for mid-range and here for high values.

Physical changes from increasing consciousness

Self-healing is one of the major benefits and there are more that are not explained here, except that increasing frequency affects how you view your world with your senses.

The human senses update rate, which is how fast your senses acquire information is approximately eleven times per second (11Hz). By increasing your awareness and thereby frequency, your update rate increases. Your update rate and frequency outputs can be increased by four octaves while in a human body. This means that your update rate increases to 22 Hz for a one octave increase, 44 Hz for two octaves, 88 Hz for three, and 166 Hz for four octaves. The maximum value of 166 Hz has not been achieved by any human currently on Earth, although some are above 88 Hz. What does this mean?  You see and sense more, much more in some cases. You see different more vibrant colors, you see auras, you see formation energies around everything. You can choose to do this or just turn off your vision improvements by ignoring them. You hear more subtlety and improve your senses of everything around you including the spirit world, your guides, and other non-physical beings. Other benefits occur.

Collective measurements and views of world consciousness levels

When a collective reaches one of the arbitrarily chosen thresholds above, no magic will happen, but overall, its societal actions will benefit the whole and therefore living here should feel safe, secure, and loved by others.  There are countries that are already like this. Remember that overall while there is an ever increasing number of individuals reaching ascension frequencies, there are more that have not. The higher the consciousness levels increase for the few, the more others are influenced. Society will change when enough people become active for the whole, or vote against those in government who still do not resonate with the whole.

Evaluation of collective consciousnes levels

We continuously evaluate the Ascension progress and how Awakened we all are. We at Consciousness Viewer report results of as single value representations of the prevalent frequencies of the World, Continents, Countries, States, Areas, Counties, Cities, Towns, and collectives of interest. Organizations and other collectives are viewed.

Historical data is stored in the crystal structure of Earth, (Gaia). This data is available for Earth’s lifetime, it just needs to be read and interpreted. This is done for the author by a collective of nine non-physical beings from the 11D who connect with Gaia’s spiritual being and who provide answers to our queries about places and people (collective and individual). If you have read this far, this may resonate with you. Anyone can form such a connection, there are so many in the non-physical planes that wish to help humanity, for we are them and they are us.

Additional available information

We can give differential results and “what if” answers to situations or questions such as “if you exclude consciousness levels above the Ascension start point of 850, what is the average consciousness level of this place or that place”. We compare one city to another and determine historic values for countries at war and can look back to any era on Earth, Gaia, Sophia; anything that is stored in her records.


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