Unique Reading of Consciousness Levels, mid-range values

Mid-Range Overall

Mid-range values of Consciousness Levels fall within the range of 350 to 850 and represent most of the World’s population as one collective which is like a committee. This committee acts as one, with everyone having their own say in the outcome. One example is the Scientific Community that seeks out the truth of our existence by trying to prove ideas, concepts, or hypothesis. With these actions, the scientific community typically has a consciousness mid- range with values in the 400 to 600 regions.

We can sub-divide the overall mid-range of 350 to 850 into two, 350 to 600 and 600 to 850.

Higher mid-range values

The higher of these two ranges, 600 to 850, represent those that are always willing to help and feel increasing empathy for others as they move towards the higher end of this range that are on a quest for information. This information may be spiritual, religious, or other field of inquiry that leads eventually to enlightenment, which is knowing the truth of being. At the high end of 850, the Ascension start point is reached.

Normal life mid-range values

The range of 350 to 600 is that of a normal life pursuing work, family, and play, but not necessarily aware of anything outside of birth, life and death. Those that ask what life all is about and keep on seeking answers to why they are here, start to rise in frequency and consciousness.  If the answers are only sought by scientific proof and the unseen spiritual work is ignored or not believed, then the maximum consciousness level for this range is 600 (six hundred).

Sub-mid-range values

Many of what has been identified as the 3rd World Countries have values of Consciousness Level below 350 and fall outside of the scope of this post. Those that did the separation of countries into 1, 2 and 3 world groups did so in ignorance, or ego, or something not relevant, since every one of us is equal regardless of consciousness level, it all is a personal choice at some higher level. We should all assist those that are physically suffering, and we all should be helped if needed by all that can assist.

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