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Unique View of the World's Spiritual Growth
The World is growing spiritually, and this Ascension process is happening to all inhabitants, whether they know it or not. We provide a unique view of progress by determining a parameter called Consciousness Level for the World. As a result, our numerical results show how humanity feels and acts on this entire planet and other specific smaller regions. Understanding such values can aid in further growth by showing where to focus support efforts.
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About Consciousness Viewer

Here at Consciousness Viewer, we provide updated information related to the consciousness levels of the world. This is the same as measuring the ongoing frequency increase of us as humans, all animals, and the world we are supported by and all that surrounds us. This frequency increase of this planet and all upon it is known as the Ascension; all inhabitants of Earth (or Gaia) are going through this gradual change. Much is happening to our home planet; we are changing too.

The Ascension and being Awakened

Most humans don’t know that this frequency change is happening. If you know or are aware of the changes, or are interested, and understand what consciousness is, then you are on a spiritual path and know about being Awakened and the Ascension.

 What We Provide at Consciousness Viewer

We provide this Consciousness Level of the World and sub-collectives such as all the Continents and Countries, and for some States and Cities. We update information regularly and appreciate suggestions for collectives to include, such as your city or town. The consciousness level readings we determine indicate feelings and actions of the World or other collectives or group. Mostly these feelings and actions would be a response to all that is going on at that time.

Why We Provide Consciousness Information

Providing Consciousness Level values helps those interested feel differences within the collectives they are part of. The more that are aware of these energy changes, the more realization about what feels good and therefore is beneficial to all takes place. The higher the frequencies that are chosen by all, benefit everyone and real-World changes happen.

Further Information

There are no fees involved anywhere on this site. If you wish to support this endeavor by donating and / or offering suggestions for new locations or collectives, please contact us at or sign-up and add your request.

Another of our projects that may be of interest is to have a personal reading. A considerable amount of information about your consciousness level, clearing levels and much more is available. For information and examples email me at

Further information on personal readings may be obtained at this external link Consciousness Readings.

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