Collective Consciousness values less than 300

Low collective consciousness levels meaning less than three hundred mean that life is not much fun and much about life is difficult. Really low values indicate survival modes where everyone is struggling to survive. Values above but below three hundred really mean the other than family life consideration of other people’s plights is low on the agenda.

The last time the World had a Consciousness Level of less than three hundred was prior to 2005 and this was during the recovery period following the September 11th, 2001, attacks in New York City. At this time, the World’s Consciousness Level had dropped precipitously to 185 from its value before of 577. The recovery to above 577 took 20 years. Wars and International conflicts of all types kept it low.

Every word has a frequency, every emotion has a range of frequencies. Words associated with fear, hate, anger for example have low frequencies. Actions such as attacking a country are based on fear driven by ego; they frighten, threaten, and destroy. These words and feelings have an extremely low frequency and indicate complete apparent separation. Since we all are one at a Source level, the actions of violence and war are attacks on everyone including those doing the attacking.

Exceptionally low frequencies give levels from 0 to 50 and are found in humans that are in pure survival mode. That is their entire world.


Graph of World Levels from 1999 to Sept 2022

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