The Great British feeling, a unique view of their collective Consciousness since 1900?

The United Kingdom with a population of 67 million (2021 estimate) has a colorful history involving Royalty and Imperialism causing much conflict throughout the World. The British Empire at its maximum was the largest ever.  Their class system is still active, although not as it was a hundred years ago. This long history gives the British a distinct confidence and sense of rightness. The French have this confidence too!

The British collective Consciousness Level is a little lower than its European counterparts and this unique representation of yearly data since 1900 gives us a view of its collective feelings. This plot of the Consciousness Level of the UK was created using an average for each year. This low-resolution plot of one point per year shows some key points, namely both World War dates indicate big drops, as does the time following the Sept 11, 2011, events in the US and the subsequent conflicts that followed.

More data resolution will be added, giving more insight into the UK’s perspective. The consciousness level of the UK today Feb 3, 2023, is 680

Individual Countries of the UK

Recent determination for the separate countries of the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island shows that England with the largest population is distinctly lower than any of the other three. The approximate populations and todays (February 3, 2023) determined Consciousness Level values are England 56,536,00, 487, Wales, 3,105,00, 711 Northern Ireland, 1,905,000, 731 and Scotland, 5,480,000, 697.

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