Consciousness Levels for Two Spiritual Cities

Sedona in Arizona has an approximate population of 10,000 and Mt. Shasta in Northern California has an approximate population of 3,500 but is potentially double that if you include nearby cities. Both have year-round visitors that increase the populations by 10% or more.

Reasons for Visiting these Cities

This post looks at the consciousness levels for both US cities, Sedona, which is famous for its red rocks and for Mt. Shasta in California is famous for its Mountain that is double peaked. There are plenty of lakes nearby, making it an idyllic spot regardless of its spiritual majesty. To an energy sensitive person both cities have immensely powerful but different energies. 

Sedona has many focal points of energy, known as Vortices, some with energy going in and some with it coming out. They are extraordinarily strong for an energy sensitive person. Most spiritualists love being near these or even anywhere in the vicinity for the energy is powerful everywhere.

Consciousness Level Values

The overlay plot for two American Cities, both considered to be spiritual havens, shows difference change mechanisms for each. The peaks for the Sedona plot correspond to influxes of visitors for Spiritual gatherings, that typically happen in the summertime, whereas the more moderated increases for Mt. Shasta, data shows slower more gradual seasonal changes.

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